What is Active Learning and Why is it So Important?

Like most things, education is continually evolving and thanks to education pioneers like Rudolph Steiner, we have come to understand that learning best takes place in an experiential manner. Hands-on learning, or learning by doing, is implemented in all the top schools throughout the world and in order for this system to work, the teachers do require special training.

How Does Active Learning Work?

Most schools adopt a project-based approach, whereby the students form small groups and they choose what they learn about. From the teacher’s perspective, active learning demands a very different approach to the traditional passive learning whereby the teacher stands in front of the class and teaches. The teacher in the active learning classroom becomes a facilitator, guiding the students and only offering assistance when the students are stuck and part of the teacher’s role is to help the students acquire the tools for self-learning. Students that enjoy international school tuition would study the best curriculum which is delivered by US teachers, using project-based learning strategies.

Acquiring Essential Life Skills

Traditional classroom learning does not teach the students the life skills they need to be successful in the modern world, rather this antiquated system teaches the students to remember information in order to pass the examinations. This system of teaching is outdated and does not prepare the students for life in the modern world, so when looking for a school for your child, make sure the school adopts active learning strategies.

Promoting Leadership

If your child possesses leadership qualities, an active learning system will bring it out, empowering children to reach their fullest potential. Children perform best when given responsibility and in the right learning environment, gifted children thrive with an active learning strategy in their school.

International School Education

If you live in Thailand, the government schools do not adopt active learning strategies and while a few private schools do implement hands-on learning, all international schools use active learning strategies. The US National Curriculum is a model of active learning and when delivered by qualified US teachers, the students get the maximum from their education.

Teaching Others

Teaching others is the most effective way that you can acquire new knowledge and when students present their projects, they are teaching their classmates what they have learned from putting together their project presentation.

When looking for a school for your child, make sure that they adopt active learning strategies and your child will develop in every area.

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